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Outcome of the public consultation

The ‘Developing the Preferred Option’ public consultation was held between 13th December 2011 and 12th February 2012. There were a variety of events that took place across the JCS area including ten facilitated drop-in sessions as well as sessions at supermarkets, shopping centres and leisure locations.

More than 3,000 responses were received to the consultation and due to the various ways of responding to the consultation the responses have been arranged in the following reports:

This report involved summarising all of the responses into 30 categories highlighting the key points raised.

The above lists those who answered the questionnaire either online or in a paper format.

This report is a summary of the consultation responses received from a variety of events which took place within the JCS area during the public consultation.

For a complete set of responses to the above please click on one of links below:

A number of respondents have submitted attachments as a consultation response, therefore to view these attachments please follow the instructions below:

  1. From the large PDF of consultation responses you will need to identify the Comment ID number.

  2. Click here to visit the list of representations.

  3. Click on Search for Comments, and enter the Comment ID number that you have identified earlier.

  4. Click on Search.

  5. Click on View the full comment.

  6. Click on the PDF document beside Supporting Document.

If you have any difficulties in accessing the PDF attachments please contact the JCS team.